Counselor in Schaumburg: Interview with Darley Giraldo, MA, LCPC

Darley is a bilingual (Spanish) Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who has extensive experience working with children, teens, and adults experiencing depression, bipolar, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and complex behavior problems. He has worked successfully with parents in order to help them create structure and discipline to improve family life and children and parent relationships. 

To learn more about Darley Giraldo, we have conducted an interview to gain some additional perspective.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?
I enjoy connecting with individuals, understanding and deeply caring about their lives and their concerns. I enjoy working with people to help them find inner peace and a better quality of life. Helping people get to that point is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced.

What specific challenges are you skilled at helping others with?
I have been successful in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. Additionally, I have successfully worked with children with ADD/ADHD and complex behavior problems.

From your perspective, what is your role as a counselor?
My role as a counselor is to work collaboratively with my clients to help figure out how to reach a sense of inner peace. We get to this point through the establishment of a sincere, honest, caring and hard working relationship. I help clients evaluate what is and is not working in their lives, set goals that align with how they want there lives to be, and guide them in the process of successfully dealing with different types of barriers so that they can have a more fulfilling life.

What is your view on the purpose of counseling?
Counseling is not suppose to only help you reduce a specific set of symptoms; in my opinion, the real purpose of counseling is to help you reach a better quality of life through the exploration and improvement of multiple areas of life.

How has your own life struggles helped you become the counselor you are today?
I have been both the client on the couch and the counselor in the chair. Both positions have provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping clients. I used to have difficulties with anxiety; for this reason, most of my work has been oriented towards helping individuals and families who have relatives who are struggling with different types of anxiety. I have learned with time that you do not have to suffer in silence with anxiety and that seeking help is not a sign of weakness.

What is your primary counseling focus?
I tend to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Family Oriented approach in helping my clients address their challenges.

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