Interview with Wendy Spikings, Licensed Professional Counselor

Wendy Spikings is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in children, tweens/teens, and couples experiencing anxiety, depression, self-esteem and stress management challenges. To learn more about Wendy, we have conducted an interview to gain some additional perspective.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?  
I enjoy helping people discover their best selves and overcome obstacles they have been struggling with. 

What specific issue(s) are you skilled at helping with? 
I am skilled in family and relationship counseling. I have a lot of experience with tweens, teens, and young adults who struggle with depression and anxiety.

What is my role as a counselor? 
My role of a counselor is to be a sounding board for clients to share their struggles and triumphs with. A person who will listen without judgement and someone you can trust.  

What is your view on the purpose of counseling? 
Counseling is a holistic way to heal the soul. Sometimes talking to a unbiased person can help you find answers through self-discovery. Counseling is a way to help people cope with their problems and find new ways to respond to stress in a healthy way. 

What is your counseling focus? 
My focus in counseling is to practice mindfulness and staying in the present moment. Helping clients find meaning and purpose in their life. I believe that all counseling benefits from relationship building and trust. 

How have your own life struggles helped you become the counselor you are today? 
My life struggles have helped me become a better counselor because they made me see how powerful resiliency can be. Everyone goes through life struggles, but the true bravery is accepting who you are and learning from your hardships. 

I have overcome quite a few obstacles from divorce, sickness and loss, and everyday work and relationship struggles. I believe that talking about my life, setting goals, and accepting the fact that I can only control how I responded to problems helped me find the resiliency I needed to become the counselor I am today.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Wendy, please call her at 888.234.7628, ext. 703 or email