Melisa is a contracted Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who received her Masters Degree from Northwestern University.  She has over 8 years experience working on an inpatient psychiatric unit. She has worked extensively with both adults and adolescents struggling with eating disorders, self injury, depression and anxiety.  

Melisa works to empower each individual by utilizing their strengths and helping them determine their goals for change. Individuals often possess the ability to move forward, but they need non judgemental, compassionate coaching to take the steps required. Therapy will address the barriers to change that are unique to each person.  This may include learning ways to cope, challenging ones own beliefs about their self worth, learning to reduce the intensity of experienced emotions, and managing other emotional and environmental  stressors. Melisa wants to help each person learn to become the best, healthiest version of themselves.  

Change can be very difficult but it can help if someone's loved one understands the process. Melisa strives to educate families and loved ones about the process of change,communication, boundaries, and support. Families may not be the cause of a problem, but they can be a very influential part of the solution.

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Phone: 888.234.7628 ext. 3 Schaumburg Office
Email: melisa@lbcounseling.com Monday