Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who graduated with her Masters in Counseling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology in Chicago. Lauren specializes in working with teens and adults experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, relational issues, and other general adjustment issues.

Lauren works to adjust her therapeutic techniques to that which best serves each client, as she understands that everyone is different and responds to different types of therapy. Included in her modalities are talk therapy (talking through/about whatever is going on) and skills-based therapy (introducing new skills/techniques to the client's life so they are able to deal with whatever is going on). Skills based therapy includes various relaxation strategies, thought reconstruction, cognitive reframing, and behavioral changes. 

Phone: 888.234.7628 ext. 2
Email: lauren@lbcounseling.com

Practicing at the Oak Brook Terrace Location
*Offering Online Counseling*