There are three major characteristics of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Inattention: difficulty paying attention, focusing, remembering and organization. Impulsiveness: acting before thinking things through and recognizing the consequences. Individuals may have difficulty maintaining peer relationships or a job. Hyperactivity: a child/teen that consistently squirms, fidgets, or runs when it is not an appropriate time. 

ADD/ADHD Symptoms:

  • Fidgeting at home and school

  • Difficulty focusing and concentrating

  • Often falling behind and failing to finish projects or tasks

  • Getting poor grades in school

  • Excessive talking when they are suppose to be listening, talking out of turn

  • Social isolation or rejection by peers

  • Chronic disorganization

ADD/ADHD typically begins in early childhood and continues through out adulthood. If you have a child/teen or are an adult that is experiencing ADD/ADHD, counseling can help you and your family learn skills to help you cope with your symptoms. Counseling can also teach behavior management for children and teens that are struggling at home and school.

ADD/ADHD Counselors:

Jennifer Klemm, MS, LPC
Trisha Johnson, MSW, LCSW
Michelle Kukich, MA, LCPC
Ben Murray, MSW, LSW, CFEL, CADC

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