What is online counseling or telehealth services?

What are the benefits of online counseling?

Online counseling or telehealth is when a licensed counselor or social worker provides psychological services and support over an internet platform. Online counseling/telehealth is conducted remotely through a HIPPA compliant software to protect confidentiality and privacy of our clients. 

Online counseling is convenient and cost effective. You can schedule online and plug in remotely wherever you are when you have the time. You don't have to carve out extra time to drive to an office or leave work early. It is private. With advancements in technology, we are able to offer a secure HIPPA compliant connection to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. 

How do I pay for online counseling? Does insurance cover online counseling?

Online Counseling/Telehealth coverage has the same fees as face to face counseling services at our offices. We offer sliding scale plans, which varies by counselor. 

Some insurances are now covering Telehealth services. Please contact our office for additional information to see if you have an insurance plan that covers these types of services.

How do I get started with online counseling?

1. Find one of our counselors that is offering online counseling services at this time. (A list of providers offering telehealth services is listed below. For more information about our counselors, please visit our team page). 

2. Schedule An Appointment. Contact a Therapist via our online schedule an appointment form, email or phone. The counselor will then invite you to the client portal where you will be able to complete your initial intake paperwork, telehealth consent and schedule future appointments online.

3. Start your online session. Your counselor will send you instructions on how to simply connect using our HIPPA compliant software. 

At Life Balance Counseling, we hope that you find online counseling convenient and effective in helping you during challenging times. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or interested in scheduling an appointment at 847.220.6981 or info@lbcounseling.com.