Does The Snow Make You Feel Anxious Or Depressed?

The snow has begun to fall in Chicago... Are you prepared for the snow and colder temperatures? Do you feel like you are beginning to isolate yourself and stay inside? Are you starting to feel sad or depressed with this winter weather?

Finding a balance during frigid temperatures and snow can be quite challenging. Push yourself to go outside and hit the gym even if it is cold outside. Go to the stores and run your errands like you usually do. The more we sit around, the more time we have to think and become anxious or depressed. Some individuals may feel anxious about driving in the snow. Be safe and remember you are in control of your own driving. You can't control other drivers but you can control yourself. If you start to panic, pull over, do some breathing exercises until you feel it is safe enough to drive. Take some time to become mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors during certain weather and season changes.

If you feel like your stuck in a anxious or depressive state that is impacting your functioning and ability to live a fulfilling life, find a counselor in your area. If you are seeking a counselor in the Schaumburg area, call Life Balance Counseling at 888.234.7628. Stay warm!