How Does The Holiday Season Impact Your Emotions?

The holiday season can be a time where one experiences both positive and negative emotions. These emotions can range from excitement and happiness because it is a time of being with your friends and family and celebrating family traditions. On the other hand, some individuals during this time of year may experience depression, anxiety and elevated levels stress with the increased events, organizing and getting things prepared for the holidays. Additionally, this time of the year may be challenging for individuals and families that have lost a loved one. Although the holiday season can impact your emotions and increase stress, there are a few suggestions that you can use to gain balance during the holidays.

Identify your limitations and reach out for help. If you are starting to feel overwhelmed and exhausted you may need to take a break. I know it can be difficult to take some time to relax when you have a never ending list of things you "should" or "could" be doing. Listen to your body, if you are starting to feel exhausted take a some time to read a book, exercise or do something you enjoy and then return to your to-do list. You will be able to be more productive once you have taken time to relax your body. Don't be ashamed to ask your friends and family for help if you need it. If you are hosting a dinner or event ask your guests to bring a dish. This will help you feel less overwhelmed with things you need to do.

Most importantly, allow yourself to feel various emotions during this time of year. If you are grieving, allow yourself to feel sadness or anger. Try your best to find emotional balance and don't let your negative emotions prevent you from experiencing the joy the holiday season brings. If you feel like you are struggling with moving past the negative emotions you are experiencing, seek support from family members, friends, or a counselor that can teach you coping skills.