Interview with Lauren Fallon, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lauren Fallon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in anxiety, depression, perinatal and postpartum anxiety and mood disorders, and trauma. To learn more about Lauren Fallon, we have conducted an interview to gain some additional perspective.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?

I love the challenge and the fact that it keeps me mentally aware and prepared in order to best serve clients.  I love getting to see week by week progress and building a relationship with the client and also their families.

What specific issue(s) are you skilled at helping with?

Anxiety, body image issues, fertility issues, self esteem issues, relationship building, future planning.

What is my role as a counselor?

My role as a counselor is to give you an alternative perspective in order to see your problem in a way that can be fixed.  And then give you tools to fix it.  

What is your view on the purpose of counseling?

The purpose is to give the client an ear, someone just for them, so that they can get their stories out.  It is then the purpose to help guide them to make changes in areas that frustrate or stagnate them.  

How have your own life struggles helped you become the counselor you are today?

My fertility issues made me want to be a sounding board for those women who are also struggling.  A lot of times they feel alone and like they can't talk about it.  I think actually that's not just a theme with's also a theme around any mental health issue too.  The first step is to get people to talk.  

I've also personally struggled with anxiety and I know what works (for me) and then through formal learning I understand WHY it works.  And then learning and teaching that it takes time and it will always be there and will always need time and attention.

I also feel a strong pull to work with young women.  I feel that we have such a fight in this world and I like to "arm" them with knowledge in order to give them power.

What is your counseling focus?

CBT, Narrative, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, listening with a clinical ear to offer different perspective.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Lauren, please call us at 888.234.7628, ext 4 or email