Interview with Melisa Laman, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Melisa Laman is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  specializing in eating disorders, self-injury, anxiety, depression, marriage and families. To learn more about Melisa, we have conducted an interview to gain some additional perspective.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?  
I love the quote by Abraham Lincoln "The best way to predict your future is to create it."  I believe that the purpose of counseling is to help our clients create the future they want for themselves. It is to help them met their goals, not the therapists, so they are self empowered to create change in their lives.

What specific issue(s) are you skilled at helping with?
I am most comfortable with depression, generalized anxiety, eating disorder, and self injury.  I like to work with couples and families because I believe that families are all impacted by the individual and can be part of the solution.

What is my role as a counselor?
My role is to guide the client(s) I don't think I'm the director - I do not tell the client what to do because they are the ones who need to decide their own path and live with their choices . I am the observer and teacher - I point out patterns, constraints, and opportunities.  I do, however ,believe in handouts andhomework to help learn new skills :)    

What is your view on the purpose of counseling?
To me, the purpose of counseling is to be able to work on personal goals with someone that can help bring out the best in a person. 

What is your counseling focus?
The purpose of counseling it not to be unconditionally happy, but to manage whatever feelings one may experience so that person can live a fulfilling life.  

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Melisa, please call her at 888.234.7628, ext. 3 or email