Interview with Michelle Kukich, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Michelle Kukich is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in teens, anxiety, depression, couples, and trauma. To learn more about Michelle, we have conducted an interview to gain some additional perspective.

What do you enjoy about being a counselor?
I enjoy being able to help people reach their goals and enjoy life as much as possible. 

What specific issue(s) are you skilled at helping with?
I'm skilled at working with depression, mood disorders, relationship problems, and family problems. 

What is my role as a counselor?
My role as a counselor is to help people to find ways to cope with life stressors, learn to make healthier choices, and be able to enjoy their lives as much as possible. 

What is your view on the purpose of counseling?
To me, the purpose of counseling is to be able to work on personal goals with someone that can help bring out the best in a person. 

How have your own life struggles helped you become the counselor you are today?  
My own life struggles have helped me to better empathize with people, along with teaching me that even when we may have gone through a similar situation, we may experience it differently. 

What is your counseling focus?
To help others achieve their goals and live their lives according to their values while lowering distress. 

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Michelle, please call her at 888.234.7628, ext. 701 or email