Are You Struggling To Find Balance And Peace In Your Life? 

  • Are you overwhelmed with worrisome thoughts? Do you feel sad, empty or isolated? Do activities that once brought you joy now feel mundane or meaningless?

  • Does your preteen or teen struggle with emotional or behavioral issues?

  • Have you suffered a significant loss, such as the death of a loved one or the loss of your job and now feel overwhelmed with grief?

  • Do you and your partner have trouble communicating, causing the two of you to drift apart?

  • Are you new to parenthood and struggling with overwhelming stress or sadness?

  • Have you gained weight due to emotional eating or other unhealthy eating patterns?

  • Do you wish you could create balance and meaning in your life?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, you are not alone. Everyone faces obstacles in life. Our fast-paced, busy lifestyles make many of us feel like we’ve lost control of emotions, thoughts and behaviors. As you juggle your career, relationship and family responsibilities, you may have stopped taking proper care of yourself. Instead, your time may be spent worrying about the vitality of your romantic relationship, the duties of becoming a parent or your teenager’s behavior. If you have experienced a devastating loss, you may be especially vulnerable to emotional pain. When we deal with stress, it’s not uncommon to cope by turning to unhealthy patterns of eating or abusing drugs and alcohol.

Even though life issues are quite common, it is often difficult to effectively treat yourself, your relationship or your child’s behavior on your own. The good news is that with the expert help of a therapist at Life Balance Counseling, you can find the support you, your relationship or your family needs in order to feel happy, peaceful and resilient.

Find Stability In Life With Individualized Holistic Treatment

At Life Balance Counseling, our therapists are entirely focused on personal needs. During safe, compassionate and nonjudgmental sessions, our therapists tailor-create a personalized strategy composed of therapy methods, techniques and tools that directly address each client’s concerns and interests.

Sessions typically focus on using the strength within to make positive life changes. Our therapists focus on taking a deeper look at thought processes in order to ease stressful thoughts and painful emotions. In sessions, you will have the opportunity to talk about complex issues and work with your therapist to develop, implement and monitor a plan designed to help you reach your personal, life, family and relationship goals.

If you and your partner are drifting apart because communication between the two of you has deteriorated, your therapist can teach the two of you how to effectively listen to each other, regulate your emotions and establish helpful boundaries.

If you are worried about the well-being of your teenager, he or she can learn strategies and tools to help mitigate symptoms of depression, anxiety and mood swings that may be contributing to his or her problematic behavior at school, low self-esteem or self-harming.

If you need help losing weight, your therapist can help you identify your emotional eating patterns, implement mindful eating strategies and teach you healthy, alternative ways to cope with daily stress.

At Life Balance Counseling, our therapists draw from traditional as well as more interactive forms of therapy, such as journaling, art therapy or music therapy, to help you find relief and sustain your therapy goals. In addition, our therapists regularly include breathing techniques and guided imagery into sessions, which promote feelings of calmness and can help you feel more present during sessions.

The therapists at our practice have more than 20 years of combined experience in helping a variety of individuals, couples and teenagers find balance in their lives. Life Balance Counseling provides counseling services to the Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Roselle, Elgin, Elk Grove Village, Rolling Meadows, Streamwood, Oak Brook Terrace, Wheaton, Naperville, Lisle, Lombard, Villa Park, Downers Grove, and Glen Ellyn areas in Illinois.

We understand how each person’s pain is different, which is why our therapists pride themselves on tailoring each session to meet our clients’ specific needs. Regardless of the issues you’re facing in your life’s journey, you always have help and hope to achieve balance and peace.

Find Balance And Look Forward To A Fulfilling Life

We invite you to call us for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We’re happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about our counseling services and practice.

Does your child seem worried or sad, not wanting to go to school, difficulty making friends, or exhibiting challenging behaviors? We offer play/art therapy to help your child learn to cope with their challenges while supporting the parents and family. 

Is your tween or teen irritable, anxious, stressed, sad or experiencing mood swings? Does your teen refuse to go to school or have difficult with peer relationships? Our experienced counselors offers services that can help your teen learn ways to cope with their thoughts and feelings that are impacting their lives.

Are you having difficulty managing your mood? Do you feel disconnected? Are you struggling finding motivation or pleasure in life and are unsure of what to do? Our experienced counselors offer a wide range of counseling services that can help guide you in restoring balance.

Do you have racing thoughts that you feel like you can't turn off? Are you experiencing a state of panic that you can't seem to gain control of? Are you avoiding relationships, people or experiences because your anxiety symptoms are holding you back? Our team of counselors specialize in helping you identify tools to help alleviate your symptoms.

Do you feel sad more days then not? Do you feel tired, unmotivated, irritable, or hopeless? Do you feel stuck and unsure of how to get out of this dark place? Our experienced counselors are here to listen and help you get out of that dark place Our counselors can help you identify the barriers that are preventing you from experiencing the life you envisioned.

Are you experiencing the range of emotions from the loss of a loved one or pet? Are you going through a divorce or recently lost your job? Grief is a difficult experience and we have a Certified Grief Counselor that can help you process and cope through each stage of grief, thoughts, and feelings.

Couples Counseling

Are you experiencing a difficulties in your relationship? Do you struggle with communication and being understood by your partner? Our counselors understand how challenging relationships can be and can help you identify ways to communicate and strengthen your relationship.

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Are you ready for a professional yet more convenient approach to therapy? Are you ready to start addressing your concerns with the touch of a button? We have a team of experienced counselors that can help you address your current challenges in a confidential manner from any remote location you feel fits your needs. The best part is that you can live anywhere in Illinois and we can provide counseling services to you.